Course options

We offer a range of antenatal class course options…

COST: £170 per couple.  REDUCED COST OF £120 FOR ONLINE VERSION OF COURSE during Covid era

Session 1

  • Welcome
  • The last weeks of pregnancy
  • Preparing for birth
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning
  • Onset of labour and overview

Session 2

  • Expectations of birth
  • Vaginal Birth
  • Coping strategies
    • including ‘breathing’ and ‘massage’
    • what you and your partner can be doing
    • what the midwife can do to support
  • Pain Relief Options

Session 3

  • Alternative Birthing Routes!
  • Consideration of complications

Session 4 – The feeding session

Session 5

  • Postnatal recovery
  • Bonding – Emotional connections with baby… and partner
  • Key Baby Care pointers

Session 6 – The social gathering – very important! But sadly not currently advised during Covid era.

The Postnatal Reunion

Facilitated once everyone is cuddling their baby!

Facebook / WhatsApp  support facilitated

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To be reviewed post Covid 

These 3 hour workshops can be taken individually, or as a complete course, and would be suitable for those wanting  refresher sessions, or if you are looking for a shorter course run at a weekend.    

COST: £60 per session or £160 for all 3 sessions

Week 1

  • An overview of:
  • Labour
  • Delivery
  • Coping strategies
  • Pharmacological support

Week 2

  • Considering complications
  • Alternative routes to birth
  • Vaginal Birth After Caesarian (VBAC)

Week 3

  • Basics of Baby Care
  • Postnatal Recovery
  • Infant Feeding, with a focus on breastfeeding

Postnatal drop-ins

These will be run every two months and provide opportunity  for an informal catch up over tea and cake, with access to support from your ABumpsABaby midwives… and each other!

Facebook / WhatsApp support facilitated

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The bespoke one-to-one option…


COST: £80 for 2 hours

A one-off 2 hour session of midwife time that you can call your own.

You may prefer to go through individual birth preparation in the comfort of your own home, which can be tailored to your own personal situation.  This option would be the one for you and your support team.


COST: £80 for 2 hours OR £45 per session for two separate 1-hour sessions

  • Sessions can be tailored to your specific needs postnatally. It could be offered as one 2-hour session or two 1-hour sessions.
  • Sometimes, it can be helpful, to have a listening ear to help go through your birth experience
  • It could be additional support around adapting to being parents, or additional advice around feeding issues.

Note: This would  be in addition to your basic NHS midwifery visits, that you will be receiving in the first 2-3 weeks postnatally.

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